Family Visits

Had a lovely day today visiting family with TheAphid.

For some reason we ended up faffing around and leaving the house late, just as the rain was getting my washing even wetter! I was very tempted to move into the carport but I thought I'd live dangerously for once and left it out!!

We went to Aunty's first and then my Mum's for lunch, via Waitrose at Rue de Pres.

My Mum has very green fingers, unlike me, and her pots and paved area is so wild and real haven for wildlife. I saw so many bumblebees on the buddleia, gladioli and hydrangeas I didn't know where to look!

Today's blip is of a beautiful hydrangea doing ever so well in an old metal watering can. I've played with it on Windows Photo Gallery to give it more 'vintage/retro' look and I'm rather pleased with the result.

I've put a couple of extras on of a lovely Blue Tit on a feeder taken through my Mum's kitchen window. The second one of an amphibious craft coming back from Elizabeth Castle at West Park, was taken by TheAphid whilst we were sat in traffic. 

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