Pre-Throwback Thursday .....

I had planned on posting a pre-throwback Thursday blip today.

But then along came this beautiful hummingbird.

However, I still want to spend some time explaining the throwback Thursday challenge that I mentioned last week.  As I said then, I am only planning on running this challenge for the month of August.

So what is Throwback Thursday?

Well it could be just about anything that evokes nostalgia (dating back around 3 years or more). 

Some examples would be:

~ Re-creating old photographs.
~ Something you enjoyed doing in your youth.
~ Old music you enjoyed (or still do).
~ Old movies
~ Vintage clothing

I hope you get the idea ~ the list is endless.

Your photos should be relevant, funny, fun, appealing, etc. 

If you participate, please tag your entries TBT01 for week 1 (tomorrow), TBT02 for week 2, and so on.  Also add the tag Throwback Thursday. I have tagged today's entry as a example of how it should be done.  I will be viewing all the entries and giving out stars so you know I have seen them.  I will not be judging the entries on a weekly basis but I will feature some of my favorites on my Monday's journal.  That gives me time to view everybody's ~ including anyone that back blips.  

My journal isn't one of the "popular" journals (and that's okay) so if you like this challenge please spread the word!!!

And, above all, have fun!

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