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Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

A nice wee trip out to the country this morning to see the Botanical Garden. It's a fairly new tourist attraction, the university has owned it for years and they try out different things in their agricultural sciences department, but there's been a recent effort to make a tourist attraction out of it. There are some very pretty landscaped bits, and one really interesting thing is the Trustees Garden, which is a replanting of the original test planting done in the early days of the new settlement (in 1733) to see what would and wouldn't grow. It was lovely to be out in the country, or fairly near it, though still pretty well surrounded by retail parks, motels and trailer parks.

I then went back into town to do a bit more sightseeing, and the rain was coming down, so I settled back on the trolley tour, though the guide today wasn't a patch on yesterday's. Still really interesting to find out more about the history of Savannah, and today's treat was some lovely old cars in Calhoun Square. It was closed off yesterday for filming (there are currently 2 films being shot here (Savannah is a very popular film location - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Forrest Gump, Spongebob 2, Cape Fear (both versions), the Legend of Bagger Vance...), and today there were some lovely 1930s cars and delivery trucks for us to look at. No-one seems to know what that film is, though the other one being shot is called 'The Do Over' and stars Adam Sandler, who apparently can be seen wandering around the city in his down time. Not the part I'm staying in, though that's nice enough, but in the really posh bit! Staying on the movie theme, I also had some very tasty ice cream today at Leopold's, which, by the autographs on the wall, puts me in some pretty illustrious company!

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