He's Here!!

I'm really too tired to write well, but will attempt a brief run down.
Cymbeline and I drove to the airport this morning to pick up Colin, but left him waiting quite a while as we took several wrong turns, and found ourselves heading to Wollongong or Canberra.
Fortunately we were falling about laughing at our stupidity, and the fact that we were looking like the tourists and Colin was very generous about having to hang around.

So back to Leichhardt, where Colin dumped his bags, and then off to find nice places which would give Colin a taste of Sydney.

First stop Snails Bay in Birchgrove, then Ballast Point Park followed by coffee and sweets at Adriano Zumbo in Rozelle.

Dropped in at the Sydney Fish Markets where we had some lunch and then to Bondi.
We walked along the cliff top to Tamarama. The seas were wild, so it was pretty spectacular, and the sun was out! Even better.

Watsons Bay and The Gap, Camp Cove and a pit stop at Watsons Bay Hotel, where we had a drink and watched the sun set.
Then followed a hideous drive in peak hour traffic to The Rocks and a meal at Sailors Thai.
The mandatory walk around Circular Quay and under the bridge and then back to Leichhardt.

Adele's gone back up the mountain and Colin and I are sitting around blipping.
What else?!

This photo was taken on the cliff walk to Bondi, and tho there are better ones, this says more about the day........ Colin and Adele in animated conversation.
We all got along like the proverbial house on fire and I don't think there were surprises for any of us, the only exception being that Colin is quite softly spoken.
We tried to emulate his fine example, but ended up just being our loud, silly selves.

A very successful international blipmeet, with much more to follow.
Sunday will be huge, with about twenty assorted blippers.

Phew!  I think I'll be needing a holiday.

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