C30 Lab emptied today, aside from the benches, to the new campus.

Couldn't seek anything better, after being whacked in an eye by a piece of cardboard. Man-o-me was that sore. Had to stop everything for five minutes after that - totally incapacitated. Suspect I either had a graze on the eyeball, or the inside of the eyelid. Moving the eye would sometimes open the wound up for several minutes, and boy was that sore. At the time it felt like there was something caught and scratching against the eye. Happened at the end of the day. And I felt so awful that I just went home, despite the lack of food in the house.

Instead of the usual 30 to 40 minutes cycle, it took two hours. Frequent stops and short slow walks at different points. Wondered if I'd be dehydrated with the volume of tears coming from that eye! Once home, attempts to flush the (non-existant) debris from it didn't help. No Optrex in the house either. Took over half an hour to achieve the most pain-free position to lie down in bed.

Not fun... though not quite as sore as the injection into the same eye, about fourteen years ago. Best not sicken you anymore with that tale today!

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