All that is beautiful

By sharob

The small things ...

I helped a friend today, accompanied her to toddler group. Got lots of baby cuddles in with her 4 month old daughter. Aren't babies amazing? She sat quite contentedly on my lap for almost 45 minutes whilst we chatted, Storm ran around the group testing all the ride on toys and bringing them over to the corner we had sat in. She wasn't upset at all that I had the baby on my lap, she usually hates it, cries and clings to me for cuddles.

Baby was happily playing with my hands and sucking on my knuckles and whilst she was playing, I just noticed that she had such beautiful little hands. I've heard it said that if a baby has 'baby fingers' then they're new, but if they've got beautiful delicate 'older' looking hands, then they've been here before. I believe that.

I look at my girls and Storm has been here far more often than Clara, she just has something about her that's very special ..

I think about this more today as I learn of the soon to be passing of a brave little girl. She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma aged 14 months. She's battled for the last 18 months. The family recently went to America to try some other treatments, she had a scan this week and it's come to light that her disease has become widespread so she doesn't have much time left here. I feel numb. I feel sick. I've read this too many times. I heard Olivers story from before diagnosis til the end, I've followed other children's stories but sort of part way through. I have followed this girl since the beginning, it feels more difficult when you've done that. Tears.

Google - Sadie-Rose Clifford. She's a beautiful girl.

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