No bulls, just a Jaguar ...

Spent today in and around Pamplona in northern Spain, just a few weeks after the famous bull run. Evidence of it having taken place is still very much here in the form of some very stout wooden fencing guarding the street edges. There were no bulls about today, but we rode through in a Jaguar.

The press driving launch of the new Jaguar XF is taking place here, and it has been an entertaining day of assessing the car on some fabulous roads and also at the famous Navarra race circuit, which is used for Formula One testing.

Our hotel has a novel slant on the usual room key. They ask you to log your finger print on arrival, and there's a pad beside the bedroom door that reads your print to unlock the room. Just like on an iPhone.

Now hoping that the sky will be clear tonight to see the Perseid meteor shower, as we're sufficiently distant from the city for inky black darkness and a really good view. Fingers crossed - door-opening one included!

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