gan dooken
River Eamont (part 18)

What a really lovely afternoon. I met up with Bimbo again and this time we walked along the river from Eamont Bridge to the Castle and then back via Brougham Hall (4.5 miles). It was sunny and there was hardly anyone else around. We chatted and chatted and she told me so much about what the various places were like when she was a child. We even managed an ice cream! Brilliant! 
In particular, we had come to look at the section of the River Eamont which was once the site of the Penrith Swimming Club.  
From where we were last time on the Eamont and could see Carleton Hall, the footpath continues to follow the bank of the river as it meanders its way towards the castle. The first extra picture gives an idea of how pleasant this is.
Eventually you get to the spot where the Swimming Club was. Unfortunately the whole area that you can see in the Blip is now privately owned. We were even trespassing a little to take this picture. In it you can see the paddling pool on the left. This was for young children. The real swimming took place in the river. Bimbo pointed out what you can just see - bars fastened to the river bank. These were for holding onto. What you can't see for the trees is the diving board. The second extra picture shows this more clearly. Also in that picture you can see the building, which was the clubhouse and shop. It is now a private house. It is hard to imagine when this area was full of people, but Bimbo remembers it very well. This picture shows the remains of the steps going down into the river. 
The Club was here from 1881 to 1980. Here are some old pictures giving an idea of what it was like - here and here and here.

This is a picture on a footpath post close by.

Oh and 'gan dookin' is Cumbrian for 'going swimming'.


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