By peterdawson28

My, what big pedipalps you have!

The things that look like an extra pair of legs or an enormous pair of fangs (depending on your levels of arachnophobia) that some spiders have, are known as pedipalps. I think they're used mainly to help manoeuvre food into the spiders mouth.

I was very grateful to this hairy little critter for spinning a web on the window in the entrance hall as the mournfully dull weather had once again ruined my plans to go bug hunting and flower snapping for Tiny Tuesday.

For the chronically spider-averse I've included a soothing extra shot of a very relaxed Mr F who now appears to sleep the night on the garage roofs. At the time of the morning this was taken he was far brighter eyed than me and undoubtedly more bushy of tail!

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