Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG


Hi, it's me, Liza Jane. 

I've been getting to know the children pretty well - they're learning to be gentle with me, and I'm learning to be patient with them. Sometimes they like to poke me and pull various body parts - not to hurt me, but just because they're curious. They wonder things like where my belly button is, or what my ears feel like, or why my tail wags, or why I bark at people who come to the door, or at Gort the neighbor dog (who moved away today!)  

Ms. R was curious about my feet today, and Laurie told her all about getting my nails trimmed yesterday (that's a whole different story! Trauma!!!). Laurie also showed her and Ms. N how to rub my belly, which I really, really love - it's one of my favorite things. I hope they all learn how to do that soon!  (See extra photo.)

Gotta go nap now, see you later! 

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