By gallusboy


Thank you so much for the many kind and thoughtful comments that you posted on my non-celebratory 730th blip. You have inspired me so much that I can't wait to post my 750th blip, now that will be something to celebrate!!

I apologise that as I have come 'home' for a few days I haven't had the opportunity to thank everyone individually but I will so in due course

This image was taken as the sun set over Hill Street in Glasgow. I was born and raised in the city and although I am no longer a city boy at heart my childhood upbringing will always be a big part of me.

It is great to come back and view the city as a tourist. And with the World Pipe Band Championships taking place here at the weekend there is a real buzz in the air. Pipes are skirling and kilts are swirling everywhere you look.

Once again my grateful thanks ... you light up my life!

In the added extra you can feel the beat of the drum!

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