See what I've done?

Jesafly has left her shed, which was masquerading as a rented bed-sitter, and is moving into her first home out West in Glen Eden. She had been allowed by the landlady to plant whatever she wanted, provided that on leaving she returned the garden to the state it was before she moved in. Which was empty beds; no plants or weeds.

Because I have not gone to Wellington, I helped her. We were visited by two yellowhammers. One in particular was quite unfazed by the human presence as he went about finding insects to eat. I tried one photo with my iPhone before conceding incompetence, and went back to the car for the Nikon. It had earlier today informed me that the memory was full, which is why I had left it in the car.

On the way back with it, intending to delete some photos, I realised that it was the camera's memory which was full, and the SD card had lots of room on it. I got back to where the yellowhammers had been hopping about on the lawn, to see one and then the other flee rapidly; not sure why.

This one returned. And put on a power display of uprooting bits of the grass, I presume in order to disturb small insects, or to get at seeds below the carpet of kikuyu grass stolons and rhizomes.

Here he seems to be showing me what he has done, before going back to searching for food. Today's extra shows off his splendid colours as he looks for the insects and/or seeds.

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