Back Again

I think this was the same hummer my hubby and I watched last night; he is so diligent about trying each and every flower on the plant. There were two other hummers that came in and chased him off, but he came right back. I think he enjoyed the rest while waiting to return.(See extra photo) The hummingbirds seem to like feeding in the evening. Nice time to take a photo.

I had lunch with two high school girlfriends today; one I had not seen since we graduated in 1963!! We had fun catching up and realizing we were doing great for being an age that we used to think was very very old! We wondered if our grandmothers had felt as young as we do at this age. They had seem so old when we were in high school. 

Thanks for all the nice comments, stars and hearts for my bees yesterday.  Thanks for popping in again today to see another hummingbird for my blip. I can't stop photographing them!!!! 

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