Shagfest ..........................

on the Swan River.

We have had a grey, dull, dry, windless, boring kinda day. 

Cooked soup, made some calls, visited mum, went to the river (as I do) for my blip.  I called into a friend's house en route for a cuppa and suggested she might like to come with me on my blip hunt.  They have just this week returned from 5 weeks away in Alaska and other parts. 
I mentioned that most afternoons I go to the river and seek pelicans, dolphins and other interesting bits and pieces.  Anyhoo, she has lived in the area for 30 odd years and had never been to my places that are only about 5kms from us.  And, we saw dolphins, pelicans, all these shags (yes I did make them fly.....oops), herons and other birdlife.  She was amazed and wondered why we bother to go elsewhere really :)

Oh - it appears that we have had a couple of dolphins give birth just recently - I will add an extra of what I think may be the family but they were a long way off - exciting!! I met a lady from Perth Dolphin Watch and she suggested I join - just might do that

I love where I live :)

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