Life through the lens...

By ValC

Growing up .

Back to the village pond.
A very warm day.
Mrs Mallard's brood are growing up. All busy preening, or resting in the shade.
Bought some delicious kidney beans from Tom, but still no tomatoes. Just not ripening, in spite of the sunny weather.

The carpet fitter came at 10am this morning, and finished at about 7 pm.
We sat out in the garden, enjoying the lovely weather.
All around us the bees were busy collecting pollen, and G. Was busy fitting the carpet.
I felt quite guilty sat there, but did do some dead heading, and cutting back.
Somehow managed to fill two large bags full of garden rubbish, and so a trip to the tip for MrC tomorrow .

Love the new carpet!

Tomorrow will be spent putting the house back to normal!

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