Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

May The Force Be With You

Funny day.

It was all routine on one of my non-work summer days: a few house jobs, glossing of the downstairs bathroom then headed off to the hospital for my ENT appointment. All ok, but due to the Silent Reflux I was told to watch what I eat/drink???? Still have to take medication for it. I've always considered myself a healthy eater despite eating like a horse every now and then.

The journey to my surgery (to get the prescription signed) was cut short as I witnessed a very long vehicle turning at some traffic lights only for some poor guy have his car scraped along the side by the end of the trailer. I managed to take quick picture, the the lorry driver tried to reverse thinking he was "undoing it", but made it worse. No one was injured thankfully and the lorry driver admitted his mistake making the whole affair a quick one.

Anyhow, as I collected my regular medication (unrelated to the above) I bumped into a guy wearing the same colour t-shirt as me. Of which both had large black printings of Darth Vadar. Mine labelled Star Wars and his with "I Am Your Father". The chemist guy behind the counter had a "I am a star wars fan" look on his face and laughed. I chuckled and at this point the other guy turned to me, eye brows raised and said "love your T-shirt!!!"
I replied "Thanks Dad"


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