On the road to Sollefteå

This is the town of Bollstabruk, as we drove through one of my colleagues said it felt like the wild west. It is pretty shabby since a lot of the jobs have disppeared, and people move on to find work.

It's a very inexpensive area to buy a house in, so there are opportunities galore if you think of it in the right way. It's set in magnificent scenery, in the big wide valley of the river Ångerman, navigable by huge ships. It was a logging river and evidence of those days is everywhere.

The American flag is a bit of a puzzle, we whizzed through so I can't tell you why it was there... adding to the wild west ambience? I became fascinated by the sun screen mesh and what it did to the images taken out the back of the bus that was carrying us to 2 days of in-service training.

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