A seasider's view

By cabrogan


I bought a couple of matching tea cup and sandwich plates today, which I've pictured here, from the local Red Cross shop. I'm very partial to "vintage" nice things, especially if you can eat sandwiches and drink tea while appreciating them.

Sadly, but 20 minutes after taking this shot, while topping up my tea, the teapot lid fell off and chipped a great hole out of the lip of the cup! Disaster!

This marked a new low for the day, which started with water leaking in the bedroom window at 6.30 am, locking my keys in the car at 10 am (obliging a walk home from the vets, in the rain, carrying a poorly cat in a box), and smashing a drinking glass before this shot.

Somehow, I resisted temptation to go to bed and pull the duvet over my head as protection :-)

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