Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

The answer?

M had to call the RAC getting from Putney to home. If the 106 has reached the end of the road, I will need a new car. I had assumed that it would have to be a sensible, modern car (the Mog is enough of an indulgence). But... But...

One of these. Very, very cool.
2CV van. I miss the last one.
VeeDub camper
Modern VW van. As modelled by the cool of Cornwall.
Old Landrover. I like the idea of a shed that can go anywhere.

Anyway, here we are in Penzance. A nice place. No pretension to Penzance. Went for a run through Newlyn (no pretension to Newlyn either) to Mousehole. Didn't like Mousehole at all. Very up itself. Full of people wandering around eating. And tweeness.

And, after a nice cod 'n' ciabatta meal in, we watched an Audrey Hepburn movie with H.

I miss M giving me a constant stream of facts about cycling and rugby.

Didn't drink enough for the hot run and managed to get a mini-migraine. It's annoying because all I need to do is remember to drink enough. How hard can that be?

Annoyed by a stream of reminders to attend meetings. These were annoying because:(a) someone has clearly set up a new daily meeting, presumably to discuss why not enough progress is being made (answer: too many meetings) and (2)whoever set up the new daily meeting couldn't be arsed to at least limit it to weekdays. So I will get reminders about work even at weekends. (Unless they want to have weekend meetings as well?). Tossers!

I've removed work email and calendar from my phone.

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