Arnside and beyond

By gladders

A Lepe of faith?

You never know when you meet people from the Internet in real life.  Today was the day for the long-awaited meeting with Red Flash and Mr F, together with blipstar Murphy.  But blipmeets always work out well, don't they?  So it was not really a Lepe of faith, even though we met at Lepe Country Park. 

Red Flash had selected a suitable walk for the canine blipstars, and an excellent choice it was.  The tide was at its high point as we worked our way along the coast westwards.  This had pushed up a flock of turnstones onto the apron of the sea defences, the first I have seen this side of the breeding season, perhaps moving through or maybe early arrivals for the winter?

Further on, the active sea defences petered out and there was a fascinating eroding coast with pine trees teetering precariously on the edge of the low cliffs.  A retreating coastline had left oak trees growing at the edge of the shore, and we had to clamber through them as if they were tropical mangroves.  Marsh mallows were growing along the shore, the first I have seen in many years.

When we eventually turned inland, we walked through a landscape of arable fields, small woods and hedges.  I had a fleeting glimpse of a brown hairstreak butterfly; while a 3 headed llama (or was it an alpaca) was more obliging (see extra photos) to the photographer.

Eventually we arrived back at Lepe, in good time to be served tea and ice creams at the Beach cafe.  Every good walk should end with a cafe or a pub.

A successful blipmeet, and one to be repeated.  It was good to meet RF at last, she has been so supportive and kind, particularly through the difficult time last year when the Old Flyer was very unwell.

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