On The Crest Of A Wave

Made it to the caravan after a nice leisurely journey this morning and as it was a beautiful day, we decided to dump all the luggage and get straight to the beach.

The water was quite lovely (although the little one did complain that it was cold) and I even managed to catch a couple of small waves on the body board. That is a real bonus as the surf isn't often big enough here.

I also managed to get a few nice shots with the GoPro (as per a challenge of sorts from ChrisGroucutt). I didn't quite get a shot looking down the pipe as the waves aren't quite big enough so this is as close as I could get.

It does leave me with an itch to scratch now though. I may need to keep searching for that wave to get the shot and I suppose that means having to go out in the ocean more. Needs must.


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