Glowing Colours ...

Aaron is having the rest of the week off school as he having to keep his arm in a sling until Saturday, his thumb still gives him alot of pain and is very bruised which is causing alot of pain it is out of the sling or when he has to excerise it.

I feel very sorry for him at the moment as he really likes school and being with his mates, he is very much like my nature he gets bored very quickly if he hasnt got anyone to talk to.

So tonight I couldnt find much to blip so I decided to play with some lights and some sweets, but Aaron came into my bedroom, that was the end of the sweets, Aaron, Kieran and myself ate all the sweets, haha, so Aaron said "You will have to blip me now" (as he was laughing).

Aaron choose this image, but we both really like it.

Thankyou Aaron, I hope you thumb gets better soon hunni

Loves Ya Loads

Mum xxx

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