RW's Daily Exposures

By rwsphotography

Olympus Air A01

Setup with Samsung S5 tethered by WiFi and Bluetooth connection internal to "camera," and 20mm f1.7 Lumix lens.  Scene in Samsung as viewfinder is our garden in backyard.

Everything can be controlled by the phone with the Olympus Air app.  That includes image size (camera shoots at 16MP), Jpeg and RAW, some artistic filters along with standard iP, P, A, S, M settings and full ISO settings.  Also +/- compensation in 1/3 steps.  

In this setup the Samsung is in a cradle that "clinches" it to the camera, however you don't have to use this and can set the camera up with a tripod or set it down somewhere, or put it on a kite, or set it up with the cell phone and carry it around as a clandestine shooter - control it with the cell phone unattached.  Since it connects with both internal Bluetooth and WiFi, the distance is more than 3 or 4 meters.  I'm not sure it would work from a kite, but if you could use the tripod mount on the bottom to hook into some kind of gimbal, the range might be decent.

I've attached two more "extra" images to show the device without the Samsung attached, and then with the unit itself (with the 20mm still attached).  I used a Neewer Professional Handheld Camera Pistol Grip with Trigger Shutter and Tripod Mount - purchased on Amazon.

Lot's of fun!

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