Controller Challenge!

What a miserable weather day! I think it has rained more or less non stop from early this morning.

I spent the morning sorting out a mangled mess of catalogue records for a multi volume encyclopaedia with an insane non sequential publishing schedule - no wonder the thing was in a state!

Some exercise was just the job after that, so off to the pool we went. I think we got just as wet between car and pool as we did in the pool.

Once we got home we decided to wrap up Ian's Playstation controller and he could only get it back by answering questions or doing tasks in order to reveal the next layer. He was soon reunited with the controller for some FIFA action. Leo and I were rather pleased with our final question which was 'Is Ian going to buy Lee and Leo a present tomorrow? Yes or No'. He had to answer correctly 'yes' in order to get rid of the final layer. So we are looking forward to our treats tomorrow.

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