Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

The Churn

We're spending a week at the Oregon coast near the little town of Yachats (YAW-hots). The house we're renting with Laurie's two sisters sits right above an outcrop of rocks, so when the waves come in and meet the rocks, they send up plumes of seawater, often in a dramatic fashion. They call it The Churn.

The weather has been wonderful - sunny and mild (compared to a sweltering 100 in Portland). The others have been more adventurous than I have - I'm content to sit and watch this awesome display of nature. I wasn't disappointed yesterday when I spotted a gray whale (or two or three) off the coast. Pelicans, gulls, heron,all manner of small birds, have graced my vision too. 

I love the sound of the crashing waves; sometimes it booms as a big wave hits the earth in just the right way. It's mesmerizing. There's a lovely sandy beach below us that accessible at low tide -- for some, that is, I can't get down to it, which is sad for me, I love beach walks. But at least I get this front row view! A few extras show more of the surroundings. 

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