By Geologist


Anchorage: Plockton

So today was even wilder than yesterday and lacked in sightings. The rough seas do not lend themselves well to spotting cetaceans! I did get a very chance sighting of a porpoise enjoying playing in our wake however.

We all kept going today due the promise of showers in the house of a wonderful lady named Jan Storie. She is a great friend of the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust and as soon as she heard that we were coming she invited us for drinks and showers. And it had to be the best shower I have ever had, also one of the best gin and tonics I have ever had. We took her and her husband to the pub to say thanks and I enjoyed some lovely (and encoraging) chats with Edd about the places he had been and the life he had chosen. It has made me rethink/given me the kick I need to do something about my own life. I am not happy in my job and almost every night I go to bed dreading the following day. That is not the way our one life should be lived!

Come on Lynsey, get out there and live it!

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