New day - new beginnings

By gudnypalina

A splendid day

We decided to play tourists today, and had such a good time. First we drove to Hvalfjörður, but on the way there we stopped at a farmer's place and bought some beef for dinner. In Hvalfjörður we looked at some old pier that was built during the second world war, and then went to Hlaðir Occupational Centre, where there's an exhibition of items connected to the war. It was rather funny though, we met two other couples at the centre, both of them from Akureyri. Everyone's escaping the bad weather in my home town. One of those people was Agnes, a friend from my photography club and a fellow blipper. 
After some cake and coffee, we drove to Skorradalur, a popular place for summer cottages down by Skorradalur lake (where this photo is taken). By then the weather was very nice, and we decided to continue our drive on a 4x4 road that took us up to Þingvellir national park. We didn't stop there though, not this time around. But we stopped earlier and had "a picnic" out in the nature. From Þingvellir we drove to Mosfellsbær where we bought some potatoes and wine, and in the evening my husband grilled the beef we bought earlier that day. We could even sit outside, so that was just a great ending to a good day. 
P.S. There are some extra photos today (down to the right)

P.P.S. I'm backblipping ... 

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