Härnön - the sea caves

It was another warm and sunny day so a walk/scramble to the sea caves on Härnön was a good way of spending it. The lure was an ice cream on the beach, but it is the end of the season here and they had sold out. We had a good time climbing about on massive chunks of granite, with the smell of warm pine forest in our noses and with sea views opening up more and more as we climbed.

This is from the last part of the walk, right down by the sea. I love the feeling of giant molars, these rounded shapes are huge. You can see a Keith for scale. The sea cave is feeble if you ask me, just a few metres deep, it doesn't even get dark in there!
check out Keith's photo to see what you think:

After walking back to Smitingen, the fabulous (and only one for miles) sandy bay we started from, we had a dip in the rather parky sea. I had a quick swim but my pals just dipped their toes and sat on the sand for a bit.

We rounded off the afternoon with a pizza, as a sort of ice cream substitute. Then home to sort out a totally flat tyre that looks like an expensive solution will be called for.

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