Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Evening light

It's been a strange day - 24ºC this afternoon, with a 26mph ENE wind (apparently) that only made it seem hotter, in its blustery sort of way. We should have been over the water for a rehearsal by the time I took this photo on the Ardyne beach, but it seems that a couple of RTAs far away - at Luss and at Lochearnhead - had blocked roads and effectively cut off motorists heading south, with the result that they all headed for Hunter's Quay and the Western Ferries. So when we arrived for the 5.40pm ferry the queue stretched all the way to Lazaretto Point (you can check the map) and we reckoned it would be a good hour before we got off.

So, mission aborted, we took our flask of tea down to the point and sat on the beach in this unusual light while the wind blew the sea away from us towards Rothesay. We skimmed stones and strolled along the beach - a compensation for a wasted rehearsal time. 

And we took photos, natch ...

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