Chinese Foxglove

Here again is the Chinese Foxglove or Rehmannia elata that I thought I would manage to kill. It is doing just splendidly still in a large pot against a west facing wall. I still have time to kill it but I'm going to do my best to care for it as its giving much pleasure to the eye and to the bees ( or the I and the B ?)

We managed to make it a relaxing day which was nice and we were able to get on with a few of the many things that have been stacking up. Mr AF feels well today We had a visitation from friends M and S which was nice. They cleared up a point for me and maybe Mr AF in saying that "Taking it easy" does not mean sitting down for 5 minutes and then getting on with what you were doing but not pushing yourself at all to do much. I thought taking it easy was something like maybe reading a magazine for 15 minutes and then getting back to the housework etc............... I jest slightly.

Night night all............I'm still recovering from yesterdays walk-run about with AFSIL and quite often thinking about the elements of what I saw.

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