Edinburgh Chap's Photos

By GilesGuthrie

Boy on Drugs (175/366)

So, I'm back-blipping here, and can therefore be retrospectively flippant. Don't mistake me for an uncaring parent. This is a description written two days after the fact...

Jon had an abscess that was extremely sore. So I took him up to Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children, which is an establishment so awesome it challenges my atheism.

To a boy in the depths of pain and despair, they gave codeine. His big sister - deeply concerned for him - lent him Fred, her favourite teddy. And an hour later, this was the result. A boy no longer in pain, happily playing on a hospital gurney.

Things resolved themselves during the night, and an operation under general anaesthetic was not, in the end, required. "Sick Kids" now on the preferred charity list. Their care and compassion incredible in the face of the attacks-from-all-sides that the NHS faces.

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