Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Still working ...

I thought these two relics of a past that is almost just that, apparently, deserved a photo today. The phone box - a solid, old-fashioned phonebox with a heavy door and - very probably - a slight smell of pee (I didn't check) is becoming less and less of a feature of our streets as mobile phones proliferate, but this one still functions. In the past it would have had a fabric-covered twisted cable attached to the receiver, and a black box for the money with Button A (push to receive call and hear your 4d go clunking down into the box) and Button B (push to get your money back if no-one answers), but at least it still has a phone and isn't a community book exchange or something similar. The post box still has all its bits and two collections a day - you can see that the silver tag saying "Tues" is in place, indicating that there was still a collection to be made today.

The two sit together at the entrance to Kilmun Pier, which is still apparently functioning as a pier but not a public one - most of it is fenced off with a locked gate. However, the cottage behind them is to let for holidays, and beyond them we noticed that the public toilet block is for sale. (Apply to Argyll & Bute Council ...) 

I don't know how I'd feel about living in a converted loo ...

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