Alan Cumming in Macbeth

Cyclops and I went through to Glasgow for some lunch at our friend's tea shop Cup, followed by seeing a play.

We went to see Alan Cumming in Macbeth. Alan Cumming is a cracking guy. He's done some awesome musical theatre, he's been knighted for his services to the LGBT community, and he's in my favourite ever Chrismassy tale Bernard and the Genie.

The play was extremely well received, with most of the audience giving it a standing O and several curtain calls.

I thought it was excellent.

So it was a reimagining of Macbeth, with pretty much all of the characters played by Alan Cumming and all set in a psychiatric ward. The set, the lighting and the music all worked together extremely well and it made for a very eerie production.

Basically it was a play about a man's experience of psychosis, and I thought it brilliantly captured the fear and confusion and paranoia that a person in that situation would feel. It was tense and terrifying. At several points I was genuinely frightened.

Few actors could pull off a role like that.

I wouldn't have thought it would be for everyone though, and I'd be interested to see what they have to say when it goes to New York in a few weeks.

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