By RedDevil

Foreshore Mugging!

Still at a conference, but today’s venue is the Sydney Opera House…….. it’s been a long and tiring day, but I enjoyed a more than pleasant walk along the Opera House foreshore passing vibrant bars and restaurants on my way to the station and took this image glancing back at this magnificent building.
At the last minute I decided to stop off for a treat and paid an extortionate $4.95 for a Mango Weis bar (ice cream).   Stood in the shop door, unwrapping said item and started to walk, taking one bite as I merrily went on my way….. when out of the blue, several seagulls attacked me, literally taking the ice cream bar out of my hand (one of them hooking the half packaged ice cream on its beak)…. At this point imagine a scene from “the birds”.
There was much screaming and hullaballoo with kind passers-by checking if I was OK ( which I was ).  I did curse the gulls, but by this stage there were around 30 of them devouring “my” treat and I couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of such an aggressive and surprising attack.


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