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Wadworth Shires On Holiday (Wed. 19th August 2015)

I'd seen the Wadworth Shires embark on their hols on the 7th and already that was nearing its end, as Monty and Max would be back at work the following Monday (Archie will be in training until 2016). C. and I drove over on this Wednesday morning to visit them in their holiday field just in time before the forecast rain began.

They were all grazing in the field when we reached the stile and clambered into the field. Max came over first, quickly followed by both Monty and Archie, all towering over us and they seemed pleased to see us and to be stroked and petted.

As I blipped Archie's first pint before, this time I have chosen Max, the tallest of the three at 18.9 hands (Monty is shown in the Extra).

When we got back, I found my glasses had fallen off while we were there and had to go back to look for them, but that's another story.

27.8.2015 (2315 hr)

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