Sal, Soul Sister.

By sally

Bottom of the Evening

This Saint Patrick's Day was epic--I'm sparing you from the numerous shots of bare bottoms and other general shenanigans. Considering it was also Bob's birthday meant shenanigans were great.

It was a lot of fun, surprisingly so considering I'd only met some of these people today (visiting relatives of my neighbor). We danced all night to DJ Grey-something, Greybody? I don't know. And when it got too hot we all stepped outside for some air and to cause havoc in the streets. They gave us the VIP treatment for being so fun. East Coasters are still the best.

As for yesterday, I fell asleep and missed the plans with friends and missed the end of the day. I guess in the back of my mind I always knew there'd be a day I missed the blip, but I didn't truly think it would happen.

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