The second half of life..

By twigs

Winners are grinners

Our under 16 rugby team made it through to the regional final which was played today with a home-field advantage.

The rain began mid-morning so I knew it would be a damp few hours outside but I still enjoyed the match immensely.  And yes - our lads were victorious - by quite a margin (30-something to 5 I think...)

I have a few of these lads in my year 11 class and I have to say, they are great guys.  I've had some in the past who have carried an air of arrogance and un-earned right, but these guys are just the opposite - modest, understated and considerate.  I find it intriguing how the latter qualities have bred success whilst the former seems to have bred under-achievement.  I do hope this group of lads can continue to shine their success through modesty and respect for the next couple of years whilst they're at school.  They certainly have the potential to be a wonderful group of leaders around the school.

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