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Bowood 2015 #38 (Saturday 22nd August 2015)

I have blipped these grebes before, so I thought you might like to see how they are getting on. I was surprised to discover that three weeks have gone by since I last ventured to Bowood, what with one thing and another.

It was a warm sunny Saturday afternoon and so it was very busy with family groups, noisy kids, ball games, babies - all the things I do my best to avoid - so I didn't even attempt to visit Tractor Ted's but made my way to the relative peace of the Lake.

The great crested grebes were not too far away but when I looked to the far side of the lake at some branches that sometimes house a grey heron I could just make out something that might have been a bill of one of them. Thanks to the fabulous reach of my Nikon P900, also handheld at full zoom like the grebes blip, I got quite a decent shot of the heron that was indeed there (seen as an Extra).

I had a magazine to read with me and by the time I wandered up to the House and garden terraces it was late enough in the afternoon that most people had gone, and so I sat on a stone bench cut into a wall and read for half an hour so among the flower borders, listening to the calming sounds of the honking Canada geese behind the boat house.

30.8.2015 (1202 hr)

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