Tidy drawer

What better way to spend a rainy morning than sorting out the games drawer? This capacious drawer in the big chest has held all our games since my children were small, and many of the present day contents date from that time. Today George and I emptied everything out. We counted the packs of playing cards and got rid of incomplete packs. We found a couple of colouring books that had been finished and we had a go at a fiendishly difficult puzzle and failed to solve it. At the end we had a very small pile for the charity shop, a very small pile for the bin and a very large pile to go back in the drawer. There was more space at the end of the exercise so it was worthwhile doing it. We all enjoy all sorts of games so most of these old friends have a permanent place in the big drawer.
George and I have played lots of games while has been staying, and he beat me in every one! He has gone home now and I can rest my weary brain!

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