Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Hot Redheads

Today I was going to post (for the Aussies) this picture of Gonski going out with the rubbish, but then my last patient of the day gave me a gift. As we were finishing up he reached into his pocket, took out a box of matches, pulled out a bunch, mumbling something about not having any "sparklers" but these would do, ripped off a piece of the striking paper, and put them down on the desk before leaving. Understand: I am not mocking in the slightest; he has nothing, essentially, but clearly wanted to give me something. I feel rather touched.

So the sparkler substitutes became my pic for the day:

Bettr and reddr on Flickr.

Takumar Bayonet 1:2.8 28mm; f2.8 on Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10.

It's funny, shooting the Lumix after almost two years of hardly touching it. Really quite different. Nice that it meters at any aperture though - albeit with some vagaries I haven't yet figured out. And I'm rather liking some of the rendering of this combination.

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