Dick's Pics

By RichardDonkin

I only went to photograph some butterflies....

......and ended up in hospital. The internet is poor here in the Lake District, almost didn't get here after spending 48-hours in the limbo ward undergoing tests after coming in to the Royal Surrey County Hospital with chest pains a week ago. They think it's angina but I have to go back for more tests before they can be sure. The ECGs didn't show up much and neither did the blood tests or the treadmill test but the pain and its onset plus a few other earlier incidents were classic angina signs, they said, plus my mum had it. I hope they're wrong but, if it isn't that, I can't think what else it might be.
One day of hospital was bad enough. Two days and it was driving me up the wall, particularly since I felt perfectly well. It was Gill who insisted on bringing me in to A&E and I thought they'd just give me a quick check up and send me packing. But no, they have a ward where admissions are parked while doctors work out what's wrong with them. It's no fun for the patients but I had the impression that the doctors enjoyed this ward for the problem solving. 
Anyway I was out in time to pack for a holiday in the Lakes, although I lost two days. I needed to get some FT features done - they've given me an extension. The docs also said I could walk up some fells so that's what we've been doing - went up Wetherlam on Tuesday. The common blue on ragwort (above) was from a trip to Arnside Knot in search of a Scotch Argus - nothing much flying after rain and certainly no SA. I'll fill in a few back blips in time I expect but it's so slow here and so much work to do.
So even if I'm not posting so much I can assure you my heart is still blipping.


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