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By luniss

Believe In Time (Delphic Maxim)

These past couple of photos make it look like I've had a very historical time of it these last two days, and although there has been some history that wasn't the main part of it.

Basically my parents took me, Clement and Megan off to the countryside for the day (night and a bit of the next day too) and we go to go frolicking in the countryside and buying ice-creams and walking through fields of sheep and taking long walks along river-side pathways. All very good fun.

And there was a graveyard and because we're all into that sort of thing we went to have a look.

And I have a lot of photos from the church yard, in fact I have more grave pictures than I do of people.

And this grave brought a bit of a rueful smile to our faces.

Although having said that this wasn't all about history, this grave existed prior to the French Revolution and the birth of modernity.

So that was exciting.

ETA: And also, with a little bit of research* I think that Christopher may have been Scottish.
* Google + genealogy websites

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