But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Hunt the Duck.

I drove the twenty miles to the Troup Head RSPB site and spent a couple of hours watching the gannets trying to raise a late brood even though it is now far to late for them to be successful. I then left the car there and cycled on to Pitsligo Castle a mere 12 miles of switchback road away stopping at a lonely wayside pottery serving coffee but which turned out to be a chicory based drink, they used to give me migraines, although they don't do so these days but I still find chicory repulsive and am surprised to find it is still being used.

It seems that Fraserburgh has taken the rubber duck to its heart. I came across two of these blighters today, this one at the castle and the other at the RSPB car park. It seems that there are hundreds of them dotted about the countryside - and they all have names. From the middle of April, people started buying them - the purchase price of £1 going to the local "Willow" animal charity - nailing them to fences, taking selfies including the ducks and posting them on a Facebook page created for the purpose.

It's a sad life.

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