Capturing my Journey

By healingdoglady

Here come the girls

From left to right Patience, Hazel and Goldilocks. These three lovely ladies will be all being well, joining the main herd of breeding cows next year. Patience was a pet calf, Goldilocks is daughter of 75 and Hazel is half sister of Hermione. Today husband and I did some cattle juggling so we could bring in the youngsters from the shore and draw off the three three year old bullocks that are to go this year. The slaughterhouse itself has offered to buy two of them for meat for selling themselves and the third I'm hoping to sell half of straight away and keep half in the freezer for selling throughout the year. These are slow matured on the hill hence waiting until they are three before they are ready. They are now on the silage aftermath grazing for the next month to put on a few extra pounds. The rest of the youngsters got a worm/fluke combined injection and some spot on for ticks and sent back to the shore.

Been feeling a bit iffy since yesterday and today I know why got one of my migraines now so will eat dinner and retire to bed shortly to try and shake it.

14c 11mph E sunshine, warm wind, looks like the weather will break tomorrow.

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