By DawnAgain


Observing the Belties over the common on a daily basis I can confidently say that they have a pretty good life which consists of eating and resting and hanging out with their friends.  I have forgiven them for chasing me and Basil about nine months ago despite it being the single most terrifying experience of my life so far (and probably Basil's as well).  I know they didn't mean any harm and, in fact, the herdsman's explanation that they were hungry does seem to stack up as they barely notice us walk past at the moment while there's plenty of vegetation around to eat.  I should point out that when they chased us it was because they thought we were going to feed them, as they had been used to at their previous home, rather than them having seen us as food per se.

In other news, there's a new parents' meeting at Son1's college this evening so I'd better get going.

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