Early Morning Sky

Only early this morning the new sky openend itself and showed some blue and the rising sun. It lasted a few minutes. Shortely before I had brought my morning greetings to the fresh smelling rose. A big rosy smile was mirroring in my heart. Stick to your promisses and disentangle yourself from your old shadows, breathing in the fresh morning air. Silently the Gardian Oak waited for my knicks or kneebending exercise.

Thus my morning walkaround brought me down all to the riverside. Long before ariving back home the sky had closed up again, the sun vanished. It stayed darkgrey all day. Nevertheless we took courage in the afternoon to go for a riversidewalk along the Diemel. At a certain point the deep wish for a hot tea became stronger and stronger. Perhaps other motives made us return. You don’t know what it is exactly.

But thats the way it works on your way back. Moving through the wet grass, looking for some vista, a flower. Anything remarkable simple would do. But we did not see it. Until the mint-tea on the table made us sigh and relax. Such a reward for taking the courage

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