A Peep Thru the Pinhole

By Brian1943

The Alison Challenge #1

In yesterday's blip I had a little discussion with our fellow Blipper Alison666 in which she 'invited' me to submit some of my entries to the local camera club's various competitions. This is because I've (temporarily?) lost my oomph for meaningful blips taken on the actual day. So, this is a photo of an already existing mounted image ready for the Architecture category of one of the competitions. 
The pic is of Dunedin Town Hall, with the Robert Burns statue adjacent, actually photographed on 8 April 2015.

(PS: The image/mount combo isn't crooked, as it appears here. It's just that I obviously used a slight angle off-perpendicular when I photographed it this morning. Will watch out for that in future.)

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