Keeper of the Snails Cian. He named these two Cyril and Herbert and he loves them as well as slugs. He cares for them and treats them gently. I think I might have had something to do with his interest in all of these creatures by not being disgusted and allowing him to pick them up. He seems to know things about leaches too and spotted a dragonfly and other flying things in his garden today. He just couldn't wait to get out and see them. I can't say that I like watching them crawling up his tee shirt and his hands being black and icky with their slime, in fact it makes me a bit sick but at least he is not afraid of them and isn't disgusted. His sister of course is naturally curious but she went in and washed her hands immediately. Granddad was equally disgusted (second shot)

Back home now as we have friends over to have dinner and stay over. A lot to do..........Phew.....................

Our friends arrived and Roger had a sore back and hips. He didn't want to admit that it was sore but you could tell and our settee is not good from that good a support. Never mind a glass of wine in hand and we had a walk round the front garden leaving Mr AF to get out the ingredients for the dinner. My friends are very interested in gardening and plants so they enjoyed the mini tour.

We weren't too organised for the visitors meal and decided to do the cooking together. I let the boys sit and chat while PA read out the recipe and I actioned it. It ended as a complicated curry made from scratch but was so worth doing as it was delicious. I will add the recipe here when I scan it and save it.  We had a great laugh all in the same area of the kitchen making the meal.

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