By goldylocks

It's winter.

The last couple of days our computer has been very very slow. Here I am, just wanting to straighten this picture and it won't let me :o( Imperfection is not me.

And I don't like this photo. Let's go there. Black and White. Haven't done that before quite so purposely.

I've been in a daydream most of the day. It's Thursday, it's wet, it's cold and it's winter. I'm not having a bad day... it's actually been quite peaceful compared to yesterday.

Had a nice bus to Avondale with J, she's really lovely! Lots of people all preparing for a competition, felt a bit out of place on the ice. Like I didn't really want to be there either. There are always days like that.

Hopefully dinner's soon. .. Hope everyone had a good day :o)


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