My Dinner, Knife, Coffee Machine, Heart Potato

.........somebody ???? You know who you are! told us that oven baked beetroot went with Mackrell, so I tried that out in a very basic form. I then did my own version, baking the beetroot with other veg and added some cumin. I thought that would work but as I'm tasting I don't think the cumin is coming through. The Mackrell is just smoked off the supermarket shelf but I think fresh Mackrell would be better and the whole meal could be in a different form. Did I mention loads of garlic cloves with the oven veg. ..... Hardly bother pealing them, Jamie Oliver style. I do like a bit of rustic ...... Talking of which I hate fancy restaurants where you pay far too much for nothing.

And if you remember the Indian comedy and a joke my sister and I share as well as every Indian lady in the land........ " I can do that at home with a SMALL Aubergine :-)))))

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